Take to the air and make your event extra special


From sublime to sexy. From poetic to pumping high energy. From sassy to breathtakingly beautiful—Wilde Applause’s Aerial Artists can deliver it all.

All of our aerialists (in fact, ALL of our performers) are hand picked by our creative director (an internationally recognised aerial specialist trainer, performer and choreographer) and the core Wilde Applause team. We only work with highly established professionals or outrageously skilled emerging artists. We guarantee you will not find more creative, versatile, professional, skilled, well presented and friendly performers—anywhere in the world!

If we don’t have what you want currently in repertoire we will happily work with you to bring your unique vision to life.

If rigging infrastructure is not in place at your venue, we can supply one of our portable free standing or guyed/ secured rigs. We can arrange for our professional, advanced riggers to visit your venue, conduct a detailed site inspection and supply a tailored quote.

We have:
Flying opera singers and musicians, wall dancers and suspended acrobats, aerialists who specialise in silks/ tissus, aerial ring, trapeze, rope/ corde lisse, cloud , teardrop, net, straps, harness work…solo, duo, trio and beyond.

We are only limited by the architecture of your space, your vision and budget.

If what you are thinking is not in our gallery (scroll down), give us a call and share your idea. We take great pride in our aerial and architectural creativity and ‘can do’ approach. We also specialise in putting aerial and ground based art in non- traditional arts spaces.

No idea is too grand, or too small…we welcome a challenge!

In the past we have worked in swimming pools, suspended on cranes that bring us over buildings and land us on boats, on lifters in town squares, in the paddocks of outback Queensland, in shopping centres and malls, in casinos, in theatres around the world, in country halls and on crane trucks in parades!

Aerial Performances currently in repertoire: In combinations of Solo, Duo and Synchronised (up to 15 Artists can be supplied at any time ):

• Lyra/ Aerial Ring/ Aerial Hoop
• Silks/ Tissus
• Corde Lisse/ Aerial Rope
• Spanish Web
• Harness performances
• Counterweight Performances
• Cloud Swing and Static Cloud (a rope attached at both ends so it hangs in a U Shape it can either swing through the air or be static)
• Swinging Trapeze/ Static Trapeze (as with Cloud – either static or swinging through the space)
• Dance Trapeze (a low Trapeze attached by a single point so it spins and can move in an arc through the space)
• Tear Drop (fabric hanging as a tear drop )
• Aerial Vocalists and Opera Singers – on swings and as harness performers (swinging through the air, walking down buildings, flying on a flying fox etc.)
• Installation Aerial Chandelier or Free Standing Portable Rig meet and greet installation

Available Aerial Acts & Artists include:

• Duo Cervetto – Solo, Synchronised and Double Aerial and Ground Based Acts by the Extraordinary Cervetto Twins (Emma and Alyce)
• Satellite Double Aerial Act
• The Comedy Grannies Double Aerial Act
• Sault Poets Double, Solo, Trio and Quartet Aerial Acts
Aerial Chandelier or Portable Rig Meet and Greet Archway Installation

Duo Cervetto—Lyra Promo

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