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Add ‘WOW’ factor and bring some spectacle to an event that would otherwise be unable to support any aerial performance. No idea is too weird, kooky, out-there or unusual for our fun (and safety) loving aerialists and installation team. We specialise in delivering spectacular and high-end art and entertainment for unique, unexpected and awkward-to-access locations and spaces.


Our free-standing rig has been a stunning centrepiece at many events over the last few years. Whether dressed and themed to suit any theme (with fabric, balloons, flowers, ribbons or festoon lighting etcetera), or left in its natural state, it can support the weight of either solo or duo aerial acts.
Over the years our rig has been set up in:
    • Swimming Pools
    • Dining Rooms
    • Beaches
    • Hallways
    • Alleyway Entrances (as an archway feature)
    • Show Arenas
    • Paddocks
    • Gardens
    • Ballrooms
As long as the ground is relatively level and we have clear access for 45 minutes, our rig is easily erected and dismantled by our experienced team of 2 – 4 (depending on desired height/ nature of site).
Portable Free Standing Rig Tech Specs:
Footprint:  Depth –  4m , Width – 6m
Height/s: 3.1m, 4.4m, 5.7m, 7m, 8.3m
Crane Bar (width at the top) : 3.3m
Weight : 110 kg (maximum weight at maximum height)
Solo/ Duo Aerial Acts*: Rope/ Corde Lisse,  Lyra/ Aerial Ring, Silks/ Tissus, Trapeze/ Dance Trapeze, Net/ Teardrop
* NB no Swinging Trapeze/ Cloud or Spanish Web is able to be performed on this rig as it is not guyed/ pinned to support such large movement)
Lights/ Sound/ Production/ Theming  Elements: If required can supply lights, theming and sound to create a completely autonomous performance area for the rig – or, alternatively, you can supply.  Just let us know if you want us to add these elements to our quote.


“Contact us now to discuss your hopes/ thoughts/ wishes and ideas.”

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