Created By : The Sault Poets

Originally Produced by: Wilde Applause & Youth Touring Queenland

Promoted by: Wilde Applause


“Animals are like people because people are animals.” Barbara T Gates

Join siblings Jenny and Tommy as they share with you a whole new world of biological science. Based on the Australian National Science Curriculum, this fun and highly educational show playfully explores the similarities between human and animal behaviour. Watch students become active learners as they consider their personal philosophies on choice, consequences and ethics.

Learn amazing facts about the complex communication, passing of culture, empathy, humour, self-awareness and cognitive abilities of a range of animals. Watch wildlife come to life as Jenny and Tommy go on a journey of exploration in a humorous show filled with poetry, music, dance, puppetry, circus and more!

This multi-layered performance has been created, written and researched by established artists ‘The Sault Poets’ – Nick Cilento (BA, BSc (Hons) – Behavioural Ecology) and Allie Wilde. It is a brilliant and engaging introduction for young children to Biological Science, English, The Arts and Humanities and Social Science curriculum.

“It is a tough ask to keep P-6 engaged for 50 mins but this really was achieved in this fabulous performance! Can really see explicit links to Year 5 science curriculum with adaptations”

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