Gracing the stage in several quirky outfits, MC Caitlin showcased her own bizarre and fun-filled act armed only with a clown nose and a weird and wonderful accent, telling a passionate story that moved audiences and made them laugh until their sides split. The lovely MC gushed with verbosity, reminding us why we all love cabaret in the first place. – Claire Fitzpatrick, Scenstr

Caitlin Banner


  • Clown & Comedy Characters
  • Soprano singing
  • Ukulele
  • Body/Facepainting
  • Puppeteering
  • Costume design and creation
  • Workshop facilitation (multidisciplinary)

Caitlin Strongarm is a vaudevillian maelstrom who creates and performs wild, heartfelt and charming acts of interactive theatre.

She’s a multi-disciplinary artist and facilitator; her performances weave clown, street performance, cabaret and mime, and take foundation in her childlike approach to play and imagination. Her designs in costume, puppetry and art range from delicate to grotesque, are completely original and 100% captivating. As a facilitator, she is gentle and provoking, combining a background in applied theatre (graduate Griffith University, 2012) and years of experience as a distraction therapist, interactive theatre-maker, and teacher.

Caitlin has been seen and loved Australia wide; in theatres and festivals, enthralling audiences of all ages with her elastic face, delightful storytelling and physical antics.

Caitlin creates her own work under the banner Strongarm Makes, and has worked in collaboration with companies like Punchdrunk (UK), Imaginary Theatre, DeBase Theatre Company, Activate Entertainment, Wilde Applause, IZIT? Entertainment, and Memetica among others, as part of The Gold Coast Commonwealth Games and Festival 2018, Woodford Folk Festival, The Adelaide Fringe, Melbourne International Comedy Festival, The Queensland Poetry Festival, Cairns Festival, and more.



Reviews of Caitlin Strongarm:

I laughed the entire 10 minutes of Quietus, may have even snorted at one point, so it was no surprise Quietus received Best Overall Production and Strongarm won Best Actor. – Lisa Bingham, 4ZZZ

…formidably boisterous, highly polished performance – Jim Schembri, Herald Sun

Strongarm is a kooky delight, and has the most incredible stage presence. The dopey persona she portrays with her peanut-brained triceratops character is hilarious, her flexible facial expressions the star of the show. Her strange accent is endearing, and in one particular song she lets her true voice shine through and it is simply lovely. – Sofia Monkiewicz, ArtsHub

Strongarm is an outstanding storyteller with a brilliant, sarcastic sense of humour. She takes the audience on a creative, visual journey – Jonathan Boyd, The Clothesline

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