Cross Stitch



  • Roving
  • Stage
  • Stylised
  • Kooky
  • Non-Verbal Acrobatics

DURATION Roving: 3h (2 x 45min/ 3 x 30min) | Stage: 5-30min


Cross-Stitch offers a stunning blend of acrobatics, placed on a large patch and fringed with a generous dose of eloquent, counterbalanced buffoonery.

This highly-skilled and engaging trio has been neatly stitched to create a rich tapestry of strength, balance and flexibility.

Cross stitch is a  non-verbal act that can be performed to a range of music types ranging from classical to quirky, swing to gypsy jazz. Just let us know your theme and we can ensure the music fits the mood and acknowledges the occasion.

The range of balances and movement style of this act (duration, style and music) can be altered to suit your particular event– white faces can also be altered to incorporate company colours and logos etc.

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