• Roving

DURATION 2x45min or 3x30min (3 hour call)

CAST 2-3



Sweet as honey, these lovely ladies will ensure your event is buzzing. Flitting from person to person, they move in synchronicity, and are bee-utiful. However, don’t be mistaken by their sugary personas – these Queens are also just as at home on the dance floor, bopping to the beat with their gogo feet!


Ice cream, ice cream!!! Serving up some sweet dance moves these characters are cute to boot. Kooky, fun and high on sugar these fun characters dance through the crowd with their over-sized personalities and ice creams.


Straight from “Best in Show” these purrrect Poodle Ladies and their pooches are sure to light up any event. 1950’s inspired, these gorgeous ladies will gladly show off their synchronised dog walking routines and love every chance to introduce their prize-winning canines Piklet, Fifi and Larry to all who will listen. They are cute, chatty and most of all their pooches are purrrfectly trained.


Inspired by the Pop Art of Roy Lichtenstein, these characters bring the cartoon world to life. Their bold, colourful costumes come complete with custom-made cartoon speech bubbles that can be tailored to your event. Very colourful, energetic and super friendly, they provide the perfect opportunity for a photo moment, offering people the chance to join in the fun and hold the speech bubble to their own lips.Their movement are mannequin-like, stylised and synchronised – and their melodramatic energy is contagious! These ladies will be sure to add the brightness and fun of a comic book to any event.

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