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“This is a show in which every second counts.” Lyn Gardner, The Guardian
“Knee Deep is nothing short of brilliant.” Jon Adams, Scenestr
“Cannot be more highly recommended.” Peter Burdon, The Adelaide Advertiser

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Wilde Applause is proud to represent Casus Circus’ production of Knee Deep in the Asia-Pacific region.

DURATION  60 min


Now in its 4th wildly successful year, four performers explore the boundaries of strength and fragility. Bodies are pushed and pulled, weighed and tested, unlikely bonds are forged and acts of intimacy cohabit space with thrilling physical feats.

The Casus artists bring a raw emotional edge and honesty to the stage revealing the strong connection of the quartet throughout the journey. Delicacy does not necessarily equate to fragility, although it is often a fine line the performers tread.


The Guardian: 5 stars
The Herald: 5
The Advertiser: 5
Three Weeks: 5
Brisbane Times: 5
Broad Way Baby: 5
Time Out: 5
The Australian Times: 5
Theater People: 5
Tv bomb: 5
Great Scot: 4.5
Arts Hub: 4.5
The Herald Sun: 4.5


MegaphoneOz: Online review here
The Advertiser: Online review here
Great Scott!: Online review here
Scenestr: Online review here

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