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Lost For Words is a performance duo comprised of Ana Oertel and Allie Wilde, two Brisbane based circus theatre artists.
The focus of this duo is movement based, theatrical, contemporary circus works – performed both on the ground and in the air. Depending on the occasion, acts by Lost For Words can evoke particular themes, ideas or emotions, and can also be abstract or ambiguous in their delivery.

Ana and Allie are both proud mothers of adult children, and their work has proven to be especially inspiring for women of all ages. This duo are proud to continue to perform their poetic, highly physical works in a world that often prioritises youth and beauty over wisdom and experience.

Lost for Words currently offer a range of roving, stage and aerial acts. Please note, however, that this duo will happily draw upon their many years of experience and collaboration to tailor an act to suit your particular event or theme.


Current Lost For Words Acts:

The Comedy Grannies – roving, stage and aerial acts available.
Fabulous ‘imposter’ performers, the Grannies masquerade themselves as unassuming, elderly guests at events, and then shock audiences by bursting into unexpected acrobatic shenanigans.
NB* This act is also available as a trio, with the addition of a ‘Grandpa’.

Between the Lines – 5 minute seamless adagio piece.
A poetic, movement based representation of friendship, trust and complicite.

Angeline – 10 minute stage piece.
An emotive, exquisite adagio and aerial piece exploring the impact of alcoholism and addiction on relationships.

Mirrors & String – Charming roving duo.
Disarmingly engaging, fun, highly entertaining and just a little ridiculous, this pair rove with a small speaker and mat so that they can stop and perform mini shows in any location.
Wonderful for any indoor and outdoor event – especially if you are lacking production elements.

Also Available:
1) An extensive range of solo, duo and synchronised aerial acts including Silks, Corde Lisse and Cloud Swing.
Duration: 4 – 15 Minutes.
Can be combined with adagio acts or extended to include up to 8 aerial artists.

2) A wide range of entertaining roving acts and characters, which can be tailored to your particular event, brief or theme.

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