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Opracus-Seasons is an original work, co-produced and created by Wilde Applause and Dennehy Productions.

DURATION  80 mins, Excerpts Available

CAST 2-30

FORM Interdisciplinary- Non/ Minimal Text Based (Mandarin/Cantonese/English)- Operatic Voice- Live Music- Contemporary Circus- Physical Theatre

DIRECTED BY Sean Dennehy and Allie Wilde (click for biography)

An exhilarating reinvention of classic and contemporary art forms. Inspired by Vivaldi’s Four SeasonsOpracus Seasons is a dynamic fusion of circus, operatic voice, live music and physical theatre. It is a work that sees its performers physically, musically and vocally climb, balance, contort, twist, strum, flip and fly through a beautiful and eclectic medley of opera arias, jazz standards, poetic ballads, passionate love songs and classical orchestral music.

Created to inspire, entice, charm, seduce and stimulate the senses– and virtuosic in its delivery Opracus is extraordinary demonstration of skill, strength and discipline.

Opracus can be large scale or incredibly compact in its delivery.  Performance durations range from 80 minutes (full show) down to 5 minutes (single act).

Contact us now to enquire about booking Opracus for your venue or event.


Opracus can be adapted to suit almost any venue and budget.

Opracus can be:

  • performed as a 1 hour show, presented in 3 – 5 minute individual acts or  
over the course of an event
  • presented by a cast size ranging from 2 – 30 artists (including vocalists, musicians, acrobats and aerialists)
  • performed as an aerial-free format (if your venue cannot accommodate aerials)
  • performed on our portable free standing rig (rig hire available if you require aerials but lack aerial rigging points) . Minimum height 5.6m &foot print 3.5 x 5.5m.

Ground based Opracus versions available :

  • Minimum stage space required 3m deep x 4 m 
wide x 3.7m high (5 m high minimum for aerial work or 5.6m high if portable free standing rig being installed)
  • 1 x LX Operator – Opracus can supply if required
  • Basic theatre rigging
  • 1 x Audio Operator Opracus can supply if required
  • Audio System with CD play back or plug in for iPod/pad/ computer
  • Fold Back Speakers

Opracus—Regional Tour

Opracus—Outdoor Performance (Taiwan)

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Directors' Biography

ALLIE WILDE – Producer/Co-Director/ Performer

A specialist in circus and physical theatre since 1998, Allie is theatre trained and is an experienced producer, circus choreographer, acrobat, physical theatre performer and actor. She has a theatrical focus in all her work and enjoys working with innovative, edgy artists and clients. Allie has an extensive Australian and international performance and production history.  She established Wilde Applause in 2008. Read more

SEAN DENNEHY – Producer/Co-Director/ Co-Writer

Artistic Director of his own company Dennehy Productions, Sean has been providing creative and producing consultancy to the industry including IZIT Entertainment , Wilde Applause, Wacky Creative, Stewart + Wall Productions Ozworks International, Metro Arts and Opera Q. 

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