Stand out in a Crowd!


Entertainment that stands out in a crowd!

We have a vast range of stilt performers available. Each act can offer a solo, duo, trio or quartet of performers (depending on each act this varies), and we can provide up to 10 stilt performers (mixed acts) at any one time. Characters and aesthetics of acts range from silly and animated to ethereal, graceful, statuesque, kooky or majestic.

If you have a particular character or atmosphere that you would like for your event, we will happily modify our stilt acts to suit your needs.

Stilt performers are a great value performance option for just about any event, and are guaranteed to be highly visible in any venue, indoor or out. Stilt performers can be very effective for meet and greet, and are the perfect option to generate energy, direct guests, showcase a theme and/or bring a sense of wonder to any space.

We only work with the best – all of our stilt performers are either highly trained actors and physical theatre artists OR they are part of a select, hand-picked group of emerging artists that are being mentored into the Wilde Applause approach to stilt performance.

1 – 6 hour call options available. Rove durations range from 30 – 45 minutes of performing per hour.

We can tailor stilt works for parades, general indoor and outdoor roving and provide choreographed stage performances that include 1 – 10 highly trained stilt performers. Just let us know which act/s you like, and we can let you know how many we can supply as the same character/in the same costumes. As mentioned above, if we mix and match characters we can provide up to 10 skilled stilt artists.

Contact us for more details – we are here to help make your event all you want it to be and more!

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