“There are lots of clown shows around these days. Do yourself a favour, and see this one. It’s special.” Flloyd Kennedy, Arts Hub

“If you like the idea of seeing grown men do ridiculous things to themselves in the most delightful of ways, then go along and be charmed by The Dirty Brothers Sideshow.” Caitlin Gahan, Australian Stage

Dark Party banner

Wilde Applause is proud to represent Dirty Brothers’ production of The Dark Party.

The Dark Party is an absurd piece of Extreme Visceral Theatre. Simultaneously smashing the boundaries of traditional trick based performance and contemporary comedic theatre, The Dirty Brothers ingeniously place sideshow stunts into emotion based theatrical contexts.

The Dark Party is surreal, sublime and just plain funny.

Think Samuel Beckett meets the Tokyo Shock Boys and makes a silent movie – and you are definitely on the right track.

Three lonely ‘dirty brothers’ meet on an abandoned platform (somewhere) and embark together on a dark and thoroughly disjointed journey. Lost, disillusioned (and mildly amused) they stagger through a series of disconnected vignettes on an odyssey into the unknown – a voyage where they discover real laughter and true sorrow.

Swords, staple guns, singing saws, broken glass, flowers, razor blades, car batteries and power tools are just some of focus pulling co-stars in this dreamscape vista of deranged delights.

Together the ‘brothers’ wander through a field of traps, an arctic blizzard and a restaurant (to name but a few) on their journey toward the ever elusive ‘dark party’. The sideshow stunts become secondary to the artistry as characters and scenarios are brought to life through the use of simple old fashioned theatrical techniques and displays of nerve-tingling endurance.

Driven by a powerful soundtrack, The Dark Party is a non-text based production. It speaks in the universal tongue of the sideshow stunt – not a single word is spoken throughout this 1 hour show making it a joy in any language.

Simply stated, The Dark Party is a silent movie depicting a tale of a trio of melancholic, pathetic hobo clowns.


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