The Dead Twin

“A chilling onstage experience that combines beautifully distorted imagery with a spectacular soundtrack … 4 stars.” Sofia Monkiewicz, Arts Hub

“Chi Vu’s The Dead Twin is work by an Asian-Australian playwright who is a master at her storytelling craft.” Lian Low,


Wilde Applause is proud to represent The Dead Twin, written by Chi Vu and directed by Deborah Leiser-Moore.

DURATION  60 min


The Dead Twin is a site-specific performance that re-imagines the horror genre as a visceral promenade performance. It explores a sense of alienation experienced by those who’ve lived through and survived war and those who inherited the trauma of war. The Dead Twin invites the audience to move in and around the venue as they follow the narrative of the performance.

The Dead Twin was performed at Footscray Community Arts Centre 13-22 August. The creative development (2014) and the premier season (2015) was supported by FCAC, Australia Council, Creative Victoria, Besen Foundation, Tashmadada and Theatre Works.


Steve is a young man with a bright future. He is floating, listless, sometimes detached from reality. When Steve meets Lola, he develops the ability to contact his long dead twin. His parents, Howard and Barbara, have a pact not to talk about Steve’s twin, who died during war. But each of them dreams of encountering him. The past comes back and wants you to re-enter the horror…. The Dead Twin re-imagines the horror genre as an immersive, cyclical, site-specific performance.

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