“A powerful visual experience” On the Fourth Floor, Toronto

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Wilde Applause is proud to represent Polytoxic’s production of Trade Winds in the Asia-Pacific region.

DURATION  30 mins


Enter the enchanting technicolour world of Polytoxic, where the traditions of the Pacific collide with the whims of pop culture. Two performers literally dance on the water and as they move they become giant screens illuminated by a world of exquisite animated projections.

Trade Winds is a unique site-specific performance installation featuring Polytoxic’s trademark physicality and striking visuals. Performed atop the water, this work re-imagines voyages, meetings and exchanges seen on the trade routes of the Pacific Ocean in a breathtakingly beautiful event for the whole family.

Surrounding the figures float origami boats carrying messages and stories of the hopes and dreams of the audience (created in a series of pre-show workshops) which grow with each new audience member’s contribution.

Trade Winds has been presented at: Planet IndigenUs Festival (Harbourfront Centre, Toronto); OnEdge Festival (Cairns); Darwin Festival, Bleach Festival (Gold Coast); Desert Fringe (Port Augusta); Joondalup Festival (Perth), and APAM Brisbane.


Please contact us for more detailed Technical Specifications


Running Time: 30 mins
Total bump-in time: 4-12 hours, subject to site (tech rehearsal must include 3 hours after sunset)
Total bump-out
Time: 2-4 hours
Touring Party: 3
Scheduling: Performance needs to be scheduled at least 1 hour after sunset
Freight: 2 items totalling 20kg


Ideal for man-made ponds and shallow water locations up to 50cm deep (e.g. fountains, recreational swimming lagoons). A pop-up pond option is also available for installation in flat areas (e.g. cement or grass) minimum 12m x 12m area.


Data projector minimum 10,000 lumens
Sound system
Pond installation materials (details available upon request)
Sound/AV operator
Bump-in/Out Crew


Visual installation component consists of numerous origami boats floating in the water (anchored by small weights). This takes approximately 60 minutes to set pre-performance.

Origami boat-folding community engagement activities may be carried out in weeks prior to the performance or pre-performance. Please ask us for additional information

Creative Team short bios


“Polytoxic is a formidable, innovative company worth watching.” Stephen Carleton, Real Time

Polytoxic is based in Brisbane, Australia, and creates work inspired by the traditions of the Pacific, the guts of physical performance and the crimes of pop-culture. Trade Winds was co-concepted and choreographed by Polytoxic Co-Directors Lisa Fa’alafi and Leah Shelton.


Samuel Tupou is one of Australia’s most exciting contemporary Pacific visual artists whose artwork sets traditional Tongan Tapa patterns against the stylized images and wildly artificial colours of western pop culture.


Pete Foley is an animator, illustrator and motion designer, whose distinct point of view holds references to Art Deco, minimalism, mythology and video game culture.

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Trade Winds is co-produced by Metro Arts and Polytoxic. Trade Winds has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body.

Photos by Vibrance Magazine / Sean Young / Jarrad Seng. Visuals by Samuel Tupou.

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