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We hold workshops for councils, venues, schools, ensembles, businesses, events, festivals, shopping centres
Whether you want a short fun festival workshop, a team development session or a residency that culminates in the creation of a performance– we can definitely help. Durations range from 20 minute ‘drop in’ sessions through to long term artist In residence programs.

Wilde Applause workshop facilitators are highly experienced and industry recognised trainers, performers and mentors.
Our Workshops focus on engaging participants, extending participant’s existing skills and interests, and imparting participants with new skills, confidence, and a greater understanding of the physicality and theatricality of live performance – and a true sense of ensemble and team work.

Workshop outcomes include (but are not limited to!) team development, laughter, increased confidence, new skills and if desired the development/creation of performance including street theatre, roving acts, stage shows and more.

All of our trainers are also skilled performers and many workshops can culminate in performance outcomes.

Contact us to discuss your particular needs.

Some of the Workshops we offer are listed below if what you are seeking is not listed below fear not- please just drop us a line to discuss your thoughts and requirements and we will tailor a workshop to your specific needs)

Circus! Circus! –
Basic All-Round Circus Skills (Ages 7 – Adult)
Circus! Circus! offers an all-round introduction to the joys of circus.

This workshop kicks off with a series of games designed to warm up participants whilst building a sense of trust, focus and fun, and then seamlessly moves into the world of Circus skill building.

The beginner-level skills learned in this workshop include basic acro-balance (human pyramids and counterbalance), object manipulation (ball, plate, bag, scarf and hat juggling) and tumbling, as well as important safety and awareness skills for would-be circus practitioners and their teachers.

This workshop culminates in participants working together to create and present a short ‘show & tell’ performance.

Circus! Circus! is designed to leave participants inspired and wanting more – it also leaves associated teachers and trainers (when applicable) with a wealth of ideas for fun and physical drama activities that support confidence, trust, growth and the desire to create with the body.

Slapstick & Silly Tricks (Ages 7 – Adult)

This amusing workshop introduces students to the joys of slapstick, including gags, fake falls, set-ups, general silliness and more.

Slapstick & Silly Tricks takes the form of a series of carefully controlled group exercises that help students to learn the fundamental skills needed to create comic short skits and mini-performances.

This workshop is guaranteed to leave students of all sorts with a sense of humour, creativity, playfulness and confidence.

Juggle Me This! – Object Manipulation (Ages 7 – Adult)

This workshop introduces students to the wonders of object manipulation through a series of building block exercises and techniques.

Participants will be shown how to see and use ordinary objects (including plates, scarves, plastic bags, hats, canes, fruit & veg, hoops, balls and more) in extraordinary and creative ways.

By the end of this workshop, students will know the basic principles behind object manipulation and will have the tools required to continue on their own personal juggling journey.

When relevant, teachers and trainers participating in this workshop will gain a practical understanding of how to teach basic object manipulation through the introduction of simple progressive exercises designed to work students (and themselves) up to juggling 3, 4, 5 (or even more!) objects.

All the World’s A Circus – Theatrical Adagio/Acrobalance (Ages 14 – Adult)

This physical theatre/circus workshop teaches students basic balance skills and how to use their bodies in ways that create and communicate through a series of curious and engaging physical exercises/balances.

This workshop is jam-packed with useful exercises for students and teachers, and will endow participants with an increased respect for their physicality. Students will develop physical devising skills that will enable them to tell stories with their bodies through the use of acrobatic balance, human pyramids, dynamic stillness, voice and movement.

Where relevant, teachers and/or trainers will be taught how to ‘spot’ (safely supervise) students while they explore their capabilities.

This workshop is great fun and highly empowering – participants realise that there is no such thing as ‘too small’, ‘too tall’, ‘too weak’ or ‘too’ anything at all.

At the end of this workshop, students present their newly acquired skills in a short piece of circus theatre.

Specific skills explored include:

  • Complicit movement and ensemble work
  • Spotting techniques and safe practice
  • Awareness of others and clear communication when working
  • Basic acrobatic balance and human pyramids
  • An understanding of the use of counterbalance

Aerial Skills – Beginner Tissus (Ages 7 – Adult)

So, you want to learn to fly?! This workshop will see you well on your way!

Our beginner aerial skills workshop allows students to work with an experienced trainer as they learn to climb, wrap, tie, contort, pose and present themselves in the air.

All of our trainers are experienced professional aerialists and teachers who take great pleasure in sharing their expertise with all who long to defy gravity.

Students will have a blast exploring their aerial prowess, embracing doubt and looking fear in the eye.

Specific skills explored include:

  • How to climb a length of rope or fabric (2 – 3 methods taught)
  • Safety procedures and how to spot each other and general ‘aerial awareness’
  • Leg wrapping and body wrapping techniques and poses/ aerial positions and ‘tricks’
  • Descent options

* For best results, intermediate level fitness and upper body strength is required.
* This workshop is only possible if the workshop space has sufficient rigging infrastructure, or if the Wilde Applause Aerial Rig is booked.

Make an Act! – Act/ Performance Creation (Ages 13 – Adult)

This workshop takes place over a minimum of two days, and is suitable for those with an existing strong interest in the performing arts.

The specific focus of this workshop is to assist participants in developing a concept for an act, and then to turn this concept into fruition. Students can work solo, duo or as a group.

Make an Act! Is great fun and a fabulous introduction to the exciting world of the creative and self-motivated performing artist.

Participation in this workshop series leaves students with a great ‘tool box’ of act development skills and a clear breakdown of how to use them. This workshop is highly useful for budding performers and provides students with a confidence boost as they gain practical skills and knowledge that will allow them greater autonomy as artists.

Specific skills explored include:

  • Concept/idea development
  • Particular/specific skills development (depending on the nature of the act and skills required)
  • Character development
  • Movement
  • Communication through physical performance and use of voice
  • ‘Spotting’ skills and safe working practice
  • The importance of timing, complicite, awareness of space and communication

The Art of the Street Performer – Street and Roving Performance Skills (Ages 13 – Adult)

There is a very particular skill set required for roving and street performance.

Our workshop facilitators are all highly sought after, respected and experienced roving performers, and there is nothing they love more than sharing their wealth of knowledge about taking your work out of traditional performance spaces and onto the street!

Specific skills explored include:

  • Concept/Idea Development
  • How to build an audience (and keep them!)
  • Roving and Street performance etiquette
  • Particular/Specific skills development (depending on the nature of the act and skills required)
  • Character development
  • Movement and ways of travelling solo and in groups (including schooling, swarming, herding, complicit movement, dynamic    stillness and ensemble skills)
  • Communication through physical performance and use of voice
  • ‘Spotting’ skills and safe working practice

“You want to be a what?!” or How to Survive in the Circus & Street Theatre World

In this workshop, veteran performers share their ‘real world’ performing expertise and advice with aspiring circus, theatre or street performers.

In Community and In School Workshops & Residencies

Depending on the number of trainers engaged, Wilde Applause workshops can facilitate up to 60 participants (working to a ratio of 6 – 15 participants per trainer, depending on the specific workshop required).

Workshop durations begin at 1 hour. Wilde Applause also offers all-day, weekend, or up to 3 month long residency programs.

All workshops & residencies can be tailored to suit particular desired outcomes or state specific school curriculum.

Our workshops often culminate in a showing for communities, families, school peers, teachers and parents.


Just wanted to say that Nick and Allie were absolutely brilliant!!! We loved them and the client loved them even more!!! They were sensational!!!… So glad we were able to have something where we could utilise these guys!

Sybella Salter – MAD Events Manager.


Allie is a brilliant performer in her own right, which makes her an inspiring teacher to work with. Her enthusiasm is contagious and she brings the best out of her students. I found her to be a supportive and nurturing teacher, who fosters independence and individual expression in her students. She was able to identify my strengths, but also offered constructive criticism and was a wealth of knowledge as to techniques to improve on my areas of weakness. I always felt safe and well supported even when I tied myself in knots dangling 8 meters high! Her expertise and passion for her industry make Allie a magnificent resource as a teacher, director and producer.

Dr Natalie McCormick – Private Circus Skills Student


I have had the pleasure of being taught and directed by Allie Wilde and Nick Cilento over the last four years. Both Nick and Allie have been standout role models, guiders and the reason behind my success in being a performer. They have an extensive depth of knowledge of circus, physical theatre and performance that is thoroughly appreciated by the Brisbane circus community at large. Across all fields of circus and physical theatre, Allie and Nick not only have great knowledge, but also know how to apply it to teaching people of all levels of skill. They are always willing and happy to assist in training spaces and have a great flare in assisting people to realize their aims. As Directors they have a great eye for capturing finer details in peoples’ work, harnessing their natural abilities and the ability to extend and bring out the best in a performer. They are always encouraging, supportive and patient in both their teaching and directing. I am very grateful for all the guidance, support and help they have given, and continue to give, me.

Olivia Porter –‘Emergence’ 1 & 2 Participant – Woodford Folk Festival 2008 & 2009, ‘Make Your Own Act’ Participant – Circa 2008

I have had the great pleasure to be associated with Allie Wilde for the last eight years. Allie has worked for me as a performer, workshop facilitator, and event manager and as a client. Allie is one of those few artists that not only has the circus skills but also the ability to perform and execute those skills in a creative and ‘showman like’ way. Her ability to multi-task is nothing short of exceptional and what ever that task is, she is reliable, resourceful, and aware of the needs of other performers and understands and appreciates the expectations of the client. With this in mind, artists and suppliers like Allie are pure gold for any business and I will always favour a strong association with both Allie and her company, Wilde Applause.

David Coombs – Director – Izit? Entertainment


Allie Wilde first taught me at Flipside Circus, when I was four years old. She has always been very patient and encouraging and I learned many physical and theatrical skills from her as a child. She related to us all with lots of energy and enthusiasm and we all gravitated towards her. When crossing paths again a few years later, Allie Wilde and Nick Cilento taught me about the art of physical performance skills, using skills I had learned through circus and turning them into theatrical performance. This has proved to be the most valuable process I have learned in all my performing training. Allie and Nick are both brilliant and inspiring teachers. I have learnt much from them over the last few years, and am still learning from them to this day.

Abbey Church – Flipside, Vulcana and Circa Trainer


Thanks for all the wonderful experience, and for believing in me enough to allow me to join such a wonderful group of talented young artists. I have learnt many skills to help me in my future career and I have, even more importantly, learned professionalism and integrity within the profession. Thank you for being such wonderful people and for proving to me that there are truly great teachers out there. I hope to keep in touch in the future and perhaps even work together again!

Dan – Rockhampton Beef Week 2007 and Ekka Emerging Professional Programme 2008

Thank you Allie and Nick …who made this trip of a lifetime possible. Our most heartfelt thanks for sharing with us your guidance, experience, skill and most importantly, your time. We have learned and grown, both as performers and as people

– The Whirly Giggles are who they are thanks to you! We will remember you always. The Whirly Giggles – Rockhampton & Ekka 2007 & 2008


Thank you so much! This has all been so amazing… you are so awesome and have taught me so much! …. I will never forget you all, or any of the skills I have learnt.

Sarah– Whirly Giggle – Rockhampton & Ekka 2007 & 2008


Thank you … you have made this the greatest time ever. It’s only the start right? …Thanks so much for the experience and opportunity.

Amy Andrews –Whirly Giggle – Rockhampton & Ekka 2007 & 2008


Thank you all for spending your time helping and teaching new skills that have increased my performance ability. I hope you day I’m nearly half as food as you! Thank you for the great experience and the opportunity.

Florence Rayner – Whirly Giggle – Rockhampton & Ekka 2007 & 2008


Thank you so much! This experience has been everything I imagined. Another life and learning experience! I want to be a part of this world! I can’t wait for our paths to cross again. In anticipation…

Lauren – Whirly Giggle – Rockhampton & Ekka 2007 & 2008

Thank you, thank you, and thank you!!! The past ten days have been an amazing experience. I’ve honestly learnt so much. I can’t wait for the next Whirly Giggle Adventure

Ashleigh Andrews – Whirly Giggle – Rockhampton & Ekka 2007 & 2008


The greatest experience I have ever had! I have learned so much. Thank you!

Benjamin House – Whirly Giggle – Rockhampton & Ekka 2007 & 2008


A huge thanks you! This would not have been possible without you. Your talent and experience has helped us on a great journey. One to never forget! I look forward to whatever is next.

Ashleigh – Whirly Giggle – Rockhampton & Ekka 2007 & 2008

I just wanted to write and say thank you to the two Sault Poets who visited our school yesterday. It was a wonderful workshop which they managed in an engaging and informative manner; despite there being larger numbers than they originally anticipated. Student feedback has been nothing but positive (which is rare for teenagers). They are buzzing with interesting ideas and concepts for their upcoming assessments and in some cases life courses. Please pass on my gratitude to the practitioners. I will definitely be requesting this workshop for future units.
Skye Strand  – Drama, Creative Arts and Humanities Teacher

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