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From the comedic to the enchanting, from the whimsical to the obscure, we have verbal & non-verbal characters to suit each & every occasion…

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Kindred Spirits

Kindred Spirits

Mask Lollipop Ladies

Balloon Twisting

Roving Rumberos

Roving Rumberos

Golden Oldies

Mask Family Golden Oldies

Bubble Pirate

Bubble Pirates

Chandelier ladies

Illuminated Chandelier Ladies

Total Control

Total Control

Mr Flame

Mr. Flame

Mr & Mrs Von Colours

Mr & Mrs Von White/Pink/Blue/Gold



Mafia Wedding

Mafia Wedding

Alice and Alice - Cocoloco

Alice and Alice

The Rock Roaches

The Fliez

faceless men

The Faceless Men

The Chair Guy

The Mask Family

the makers

The Makers

Living Statues

Frames & Photo Opportunities

Dance-Theatre Roving

Halloween – Various Options



The Orbs

ice cream sweetie stilt character

Ice Cream Sweetie

Stilt Performance

Bubbles on Wheels

The Boy Who Ate Teeth

The Boy Who Ate Teeth