Ana Oertel

A professional physical theatre/circus performer and trainer, specialising in duo and trio adagio (stage or roving) and aerials. Her roving performances are strongly character based.
Ana has performed extensively throughout Australia and Asia at a vast range high-profile corporate events, major, regional and remote festivals including the Lantern and Taoyuan Family Festival (Taiwan), the Brisbane Ekka, the International Circus Festival, Woodford Folk Festival, Surfers Paradise Festival, Brisbane Festival, River Feast and the Adelaide Fringe Festival.

Ana is also a member of the Sault Poets trio. She has been a successful ensemble performer in shows such as the Limelight Revue, Bulldust and Spangles, Outside the Safety Zone, Hello Kitty (Singapore and Dubai), Juice , Doch and the Circus.

Ana is fluent in German (her nationality) and Mandarin, after having spent two years in Taiwan studying language and culture. She also has an academic career and has successfully completed a Bachelor of Arts in Chinese, a Bachelor of Science with First Class Honours in Environmental Science, and a Diploma in Editing and Publishing. In addition to her performance career, Ana is also working as a part-time freelance editor.

The Boy Who Ate Teeth