This charming storyteller is guaranteed to make your guests laugh and marvel at the curiosities of the human condition…

HIGH TEA with BOOFF is a work of installation clown theatre. The show tours with its own venue – a richly detailed lounge room replete with custom made furniture, bespoke chandeliers, shared stories and piping hot tea. The work deploys auto-biographical storytelling and narrative-driven clowning.

BOOFF is a regal, mischief-loving high-status impresario. Disarmingly charming and resplendent in full-face make-up and tailored suit – he looks as if he may have sprung from a lost collaboration between Barry Humphries, Lewis Carroll, Tim Burton and Julian Clary. With a twinkle in his eye, a glint of mischief, perhaps even buffoonery… BOOFF wants you to love him, and as soon as you do, he wants you to laugh with him. Physically and verbally ridiculous, BOOFF can’t blend in, but then he doesn’t really try.

Anchored in true shared stories, the audience experience is akin to a visit with your favourite aunt – a surreal tea-party that’s partly scripted and partly improvised. As a character, BOOFF is a larger-than-life persona in whose company all people are equal, and all are equally worthy of reverence or ribaldry. The heart of the show’s appeal is BOOFF – who is both other-worldly and transgressive; at once strong and vulnerable; uniquely himself whilst also emblematic of us all – in the way that true clowns are reflective of the universal human condition.

At Wilde Applause, we supply BOOFF for corporate clients. If you have a festival or a venue and want to hire BOOFF, please contact Cluster Arts.

Entertainment Type
  • Installation