The Bubble Effect

The Bubble Effect is a giant transparent bubble, which supports an aerial performer inside, purely through air pressure, requiring NO external rigging…

This ground breaking, large-scale installation defies gravity and inspires wonder. It combines circus, aerials, dance and physical theatre with a stunning installation resulting in a magical experience for audiences of all ages.

The giant bubble is 6m in diameter making it a breathtaking spectacle. We also have slightly smaller bubbles, which are 3.5m. These don’t support aerials but they look magical with illuminated dancers and circus performers inside.

The Bubble Effect can be used as an installation rather than a show, with 2-3 hours of continuous ‘background’ performance with performers on 20-minute rotations.  We have multi-skilled performers who can do dance, hula-hoop, juggling, twirling, aerials and more, using illuminated props.

As a Show Universal Disco is upbeat, fun, and suitable for all ages. This dynamic show features high-level hula-hoops, aerials, dance and comedy with a soundtrack that will get anyone in the party mood! The show proper is 10 minutes and can be extended by adding our kooky pre-show character ‘DJ Inferno’.

Entertainment Type
  • Installation
  • Show
  • Installation/2-3 hours
  • Show/1 hour