Comedy Grannies

The Comedy Grannies will have people of all ages in stitches with their unexpected acrobatics…

The Comedy Grannies are two active, curious, social elders who cannot help but bring a smile to your day with their radical, unexpected, somewhat outrageous acrobatic adventures.

The Comedy Grannies are Maud and Myrtle- two rather extraordinary, curious, active, social (and very well-travelled) older ladies who can’t help but bring a smile to your day. This hilarious duo act is laden with hard-of-hearing mishaps, failing joints, stories of dance hall days gone by (and hilarious accompanying demonstrations), limited vision, handbag humour, tight hip flexors and a good dose of senility. Their opinions on just about everything from strawberry jam to Shakespeare inspire laughter and good humour wherever they roam.

Available for corporate events, shows, rodeos, Tea Parties, weddings, major festivals (and even bucks parties- or so they say!?). The Grannies can also present ‘motivational’ speeches with a twist!

Entertainment Type
  • Roving
  • Aerial
  • Stage
  • Imposter Style
  • Duo
Roving: 3h (2 x 45min/ 3 x 30min) | Stage/ Aerial: 5-15min