Crackup Sisters’ Christmas Show

With comedy, whip-cracking & aerial acrobatics, the CrackUp Sisters provide entertainment for the whole family…

Have a Country, Comedy Christmas with the CRACKUP SISTERS!

The CRACKUP SISTERS have travelled from Outback Queensland to search for Santa. They don’t like to leave the comforts of home, so they’ve brought their house, dunny and 8m high windmill with them. Performing a 20-minute Christmas show brimming with comedy, whip-cracking and aerial acrobatics, the CRACKUP SISTERS provide entertainment for the whole family.

Entertainment Type
  • Aerial
  • Seasonal/Themed
20 mins
Tech Requirements
Minimum footprint/clear ground or stage space 10m wide x 6m deep, plus (if including aerial rig*) 8m clear and unobstructed height.
* Aerial free / ground-based option available