These stilt-walking creatures will add otherwordly charm to any event…

Gracefully arising above the ground, the public looks astonished when this Black & Red, long legged creature flutters along, seducing and persuading its audience with delight. As this majestic creature strides through the crowd using its unusual shaped head to look serenely around all are left in cheer admiration and wonder. ENTE represents the dark side in all of us.

Whatever your event or celebration, grab the audience’s attention and tantalise their imagination with our truly wonderful and unusual harlequin stilt walkers. Their walkabout act is as fascinating as it is creepy. However, there’s nothing to be afraid of here, the roaming characters are gentle giants just looking to make everyone happy and enjoy themselves with their interactive entertainment.

Towering over the crowds in their unusual harlequin costumes, the stilt walkers are here to provide fantasy and bring joy to the spectators. This walkabout act comes dressed in either eye catching red and black, green and black or purple and black costumes. Complete with colour-matching canes that add to they long spindly bodies and floppy fabric hair, these stilt walkers will not go unnoticed.

The roaming characters engage in playful games with members of the crowd as they wander though your event areas. This interactive entertainment is bemusing, colourful, fun and guarantees that your guests will be having a great time. Our unusual harlequin roaming characters are incredibly versatile and will suit many event types. From entertaining children and posing for photos at family friendly events to mingling with invites at a conference and being mischievous with guests at a gala dinners right through to wowing audiences at product launches.

Reasons to book this act:

  • Extraordinary and unusual harlequin stilt walkers provide spectacular interactive entertainment
  • Fascinating and creepy in equal measures, this walkabout act will captivate your audience
  • The unique roaming characters engage and have fun with all audience types
  • Eye catching interactive entertainment for indoor and outdoor, corporate or family friendly occasions
  • Based in Brisbane and available internationally
Entertainment Type
  • Roving