Erotic Intelligence for Dummies

This hilarious, relatable show is naughty, nice and guaranteed to turn your head…

Wilde Applause and Pretend Productions are proud to co-present Erotic ‘Intelligence for Dummies’, performed by Helen Cassidy and written by Helen Cassidy and Daniel Evans.

Contemporary relationships are in a state of rapid flux, with many of us confessing to feeling a little disenchanted with the monogamy-based dogma we’ve been fed by society, religion and the media.

Award-winning actress and clown, Helen Cassidy, uses her solo comedy show Erotic Intelligence for Dummies to take a long, hard, cross-eyed look at the complexities of intimate relationships. Exploring how we can get better at them, the myriad styles of multi-love and our true animal nature- all while maintaining the mystery!

Blending philosophy, dress-ups, song, puppetry and balloons into a scandalously layered trifle of love, lust and learning, Cassidy will create ‘the biggest group “love- in” since John and Yoko’s back in the ’70s.’ (Cream Magazine)

Whether you’re a swinging, polyamorous, unicorn (that’s a single who dates couples) or a celibate, sublimating, ascetic (someone who doesn’t do sex) or just plain old married; you’re all invited to a hilarious, ridiculous and honest evening with Helen.


Helen Cassidy divides her time between Australia, London and Europe whilst working in theatre, cabaret, variety and street festivals as both an actor and director. She has performed with companies such as Queensland Theatre, La Boite, State Theatre SA, Melbourne Theatre Company, La La Parlour, deBASE, Zen Zen Zo Physical Theatre, Grin and Tonic, Strut n Fret, Bell Shakespeare and Unlimited Theatre (UK). Film/TV work include Sister of War, Wanted and Australia Day. Helen trained at QUT and with legendary clown teacher Philippe Gaulier.


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  • Stage show
1 hr