Face Painting

Our face painting will delight guests of all ages. They can choose from our book of designs, or we can custom-create designs specially for your event!…

Our face painting is sure to delight the guests at your event. Kids and adults alike can pick the design they like from our designs book, and our face painting artist will bring the design to life with vibrant colours and extra additions like glitter and diamontes. If you want custom designs made especially for your event, just let us know in advance, so that we can create them for you!

Paint Information:

High quality water-based, hypo-allergic approved paints. They are easy to wash off and gentle on the skin.


TAG, Fusion, Aquacolour, Kryolan, Mehron, Global, Snazaroo.

To Remove:

These paints are easily removable with warm water, a little soap on a damp dark colored cloth. Some colors may stain the skin slightly. If this occurs, I suggest applying mild baby oil, or eye makeup remover on a cotton pad, leave for 10 minutes then rinse again to remove residue. Make up wipes and baby wipes work well too.

Hygene information:

The paints have antibacterial properties in them and periodically during the job they get misted lightly with an antiseptic antibacterial solution. I regularly change the water and have an organic sanitising solution in the water containers that is used to wash the brushes regularly. Sponges and Brushes are all clean at the commencement of the job (Some are “stained” from previous dark colored paints used but are washed and rinsed clean). Sponges are washed at home in the washing machine with hot water temperature and left in the sunshine to dry where the sun’s natural UV rays kill any further contaminants.

Entertainment Type
  • Face painting installation
  • Christmas themed or general