Frames & Photo Opportunities

If you want to entertain your guests and take your event marketing to the next level, our frames/photo opportunities are a must-have…


Hansel & Gretel have lost their way. They did find a gingerbread house… but they ate it all up and all that’s left is the window! Can you help them find the breadcrumb trail home?

This colourful and playful act is a great ice breaker and photo opportunity for all ages. They are available solo or duo, with or without flame.


Any combination of Mr Blue/Miss Pink/Mr Gold/Mr & Mrs White with giant frame (various colours). This fun ice breaker adds an interactive element to any event. You can use a professional photographer or simply rely on your guest’s readily available mobile phones. A company/event logo can be added to the frame to promote your brand/event.


This poor artist needs some inspiration. He is in search of the perfect face to complete his masterpiece! This interactive act is a great ice-breaker and a fun photo opportunity which will encourage lots of social media posts.

Various versions and customised versions available.

Entertainment Type
  • Roving
  • Installation
3 x 30 or 2 x 45 min (preferred) in a 3 hour call