Hans, Eva & Helga

These hilarious crowd-pleasers will liven up any event…

This comic stage and roving act brings a third professional (acrobatic) idiot into the equation, as Helga joins Hans & Eva on stage, ‘upping the ante’, theatrically and acrobatically.

Hans Eva & Helga is a tightly choreographed trio acrobatic performance of 7-15 minutes duration. If you desire a longer performance this act can it can be added to the tail end of the Hans & Eva show.

Guaranteed crowd pleasers- Hans, Eva  & Helga will happily tailor and adapt their show/s to suit any theme, specific event, product or feature.

Please note:  Both Hans & Eva and Hans, Eva & Helga shows are available to be performed in Mandarin Chinese

Entertainment Type
  • Comedy Acrobatics
  • Roving
  • Stage
  • Highly Interactive
  • Trio
  • Mandarin-speaking option available
Roving: 3h (2 x 45min/ 3 x 30min) | Stage/ Aerial: 5-15min