The Crackup Sisters’ Incredible Flea Circus

This classic slideshow act will have the young and the young and heart grinning from ear to ear…

Gasp at the High Dive!

Marvel at the Flying Trapeze!

Meet the Strongest Flea in the World!

This is a beautiful traditional Flea Circus with a modern and Australian twist. Brought to you through riveting commentary from Banjo the Flea Whisperer, this show will transport you back to a time when a visit from a travelling sideshow was the highlight of the year.

Equipped with his circus in a trunk, his trusty cart and of course his troupe of highly-trained performing fleas, Banjo will have audiences of all ages and demographics amazed, cackling and letting their imagination run wild.

This act is available for 5-minute spots or 15-minute full programs. It can be housed in one location or roving across the grounds. Please note the fleas in this act are invisible and brought to life through expert commentary and lots of imagination!

Entertainment Type
  • Installation performance
  • Roving