Life? It’s a Circus!

A thought-provoking and thoroughly entertaining journey through life’s ups and downs…

Through the use of high-level physicality, balloons, poetry, balancing chairs, acrobatic antics and clown, these 2 highly experienced circus theatre performers promise to take you on a thought-provoking and thoroughly entertaining, journey through the ups and downs of life. An energetic theatrical adventure that will have audiences wondering, laughing, gasping, artistically and philosophically inspired– and pondering the human condition.

Life? It’s a Circus! was created, specifically for touring to families and school aged audiences. Since 2012 it has toured throughout Queensland through the Artslink/QAC program, to much acclaim. Excerpts from this show have also graced the stage throughout schools, venues and festival stages in Taiwan, with Uhan Shii Cultural Collaboration Company.

This is a highly versatile show, with minimal technical needs. It can be performed in theatres, community halls, indoor and outdoor spaces. Show content can be adapted to suit particular age groups. This is a work suitable for all ages– Prep through to 120!

Entertainment Type
  • Primary School Assembly Show
  • Also Available as Secondary School Show
  • Audience Engagement
  • Education
  • Cast – 2
Tech Specs
  • Access to 1 x Power Point
  • Clear and Level ground minimum 5m x 5m(concrete, grass, wood, carpet etc: are all good but NO gravel or sand or loose surfaces please)
  • Minimum Height 3.5 metres (clear and unobstructed)
  • Sufficient room for audience with 1 m clear space in front of designated performance space ( the performers are performing high level physical manoeuvres)
  • PA (2 speakers on tripods ideally – we can supply if you advise us in advance that you cannot) ** NB * PA needs to be suitable for patching in laptop computer (performers will self-operate the sound during the show)
45/ *60 minutes

*60 minute duration includes a post-performance discussion/ Q & A with artists (* NB this can be extended to include a post-performance workshop with students)