Living Statues

We have a range of living statue options to suit any occasion…

The Angel – Living Statue

Almost indistinguishable from a stone statue, this stunning angel will astonish your guests by suddenly coming to life; suitable for day or night. Halloween version available

The Ballerina – Living Doll

This gorgeous music box ballerina comes to life when her music starts, performing a choreographed routine with ‘doll-like’ staccato movements. A delightful and playful act suitable for many types of events.

The Butler – Living Statue

The audience won’t believe this bronze bust of an old English butler is not real… until he astonishes them by popping his cork! Both stylish and hilarious, an ideal act for an entrance, or for any event where drinks are being served!

(Coal) Miner – Living Statue

This bronze living statue plays homage to our hard working miners of old. We come across this entertaining fellow on his lucky day… he is just about to find a piece of gold! The performer’s world-class living statue and mime skills make this act captivating and accessible to all kinds of audiences.

Living Guest Book

Often an overlooked part of an event, the guestbook now becomes a highlight. This stunningly realistic statue comes to life and interacts with his guests, encouraging them to write more thoughtful and playful comments than they might otherwise. This special book thus becomes a memorable experience for your guests and a unique gift for a client.

-Captain Cook version available

-Academic version available

The Scarecrow – Living Statue

This poor Scarecrow has issues… instead of scaring the birds, the birds LOVE him! He is immersed in feathered friends and a cacophony of chirping sound effects. For someone with a bird
phobia this is bad news! This hilarious character amazes and delights audiences of all ages with his living statue skills as well as his hysterical banter.

Snapshot – Living Statue

This is a truly unique, multi-award winning, living statue incorporating sound, special effects and world-class mime skills.

The sound of cogwheels precedes the awakening of this beautiful toy-like character, then when he turns his camera to the audience and prepares to take a photo, two little doors open and out pops a whistling bird. As the crowning moment, a spectacular light and smoke bursts from his hand held flash.

Winner-World Championship Living Statues, 2017.

Winner-Dutch Championship Living Statues, 2002.

Winner-Haarlem Festival of Living Statues, 2003.

2nd Place-Belgium Living Statues Championship, 2002.

Entertainment Type
  • Roving
  • Installation
  • Pop-Up Performance