Rope/Corde Lisse

You will be astounded at what our performers can do with a length of rope…

Rope/Corse Lisse (‘smooth rope’) is one of the most simple yet effective forms of aerials. With just a rope, our performers will manoeuvre themselves in all sorts of incredible ways, stunning guests and receiving gasps when they drop from great heights.

The simplicity of a rope paired with complex movement is truly a sight to see. Although rope/corde lisse may not be as common as silks, it is one of the finest and most simple yet effective choices of aerial entertainment available. Your guests will be amazed as the aerialist climbs and then drops, entwines themselves and performs complex choreography.

Rope/corde lisse is a fantastic choice for corporate events of all sorts.

Entertainment Type
  • Solo
  • Duo
  • Synchronised