The Chair Guy

This grumpy yet hilarious old codger will wheel himself around your event, interacting with your guests and raving about the good ol’ days…

Never needing to leave his chair, The Chair Guy is the ultimate armchair traveler. Embracing the phenomena of reality TV he is observing the world through television.
Always quizzical of those he meets and what programme they are on. Highly interactive, The Chair Guy will have young ones singing Wiggles songs, teenagers strutting their best ‘Next top Model’ and your mum espousing her favourite ‘Master Chef’ dish. Charismatic, quirky, roughly charming and endearingly puzzled as to where the remote has taken him, when The Chair Guy moves through a crowd he leaves a wake of smiles.
Entertainment Type
  • Roving
  • Stage
  • Solo
Roving/Installation: 3 hour call (including 2 x 60 minutes)