The Makers

‘The Makers’ are wonderful storytellers and will fill any event with a sense of child-like wonder…

‘The Makers’ can rove throughout your event telling tales, generating laughter and child-like wonder, constructing puppets and other gizmos with your guests or simply distributing gifts and anecdotes. They also offer stage shows, performance installations and run ‘Making’ Workshops. If you like, we can even install ‘The Makers’ as the Ultimate Photo Booth Experience! Just contact us to discuss your event and we will specifically tailor this act to suit your needs.

This act is performed by 3 highly skilled professionals who are not only trained actors, specialist roving and improvisational performers and prop makers – but also share a variety of skills including acrobatics, clowning, balloon-modelling and photography.


‘The Makers’ “make” Christmas! Ever wondered how Rudolf got his red nose? Why there is an angel on the top of the tree? Why Elves sing at Christmas? Or Why snow tastes like wonder? ‘The Makers’ made them that way, and what a great story it is!

The trio and quartet shows contain a selection of Christmas / Themed Story Telling, music, song, puppetry, acrobatics, juggling, aerial/ non-aerial options available (we supply circus rig)  – contact us to let us know your preferences!

Whether you are an educational institution, shopping centre, festival or corporation –  ‘The Makers’ will definitely help you make your event special!

Entertainment Type
  • Roving
  • Stage
  • Photo Booth
  • Installation Performance
  • Workshops
  • Standard 3 Hour Roving call Includes  : 2 x 45 mins or 3 x 30 mins
  • Standard 3 Hour Performance Call includes:  Max 3 x Stage or Installation Performances (Please contact us to discuss your needs –  15 – 45 minutes duration options available)