The Boy Who Ate Teeth

This whimsical & gruesome fairytale is a sight to behold…

‘The Boy Who Ate Teeth’ is a whimsically gruesome original fairy tale told from the well-travelled suitcase of the desert-dusted Storyteller. Follow the adventures of the Boy with no teeth as he trots the globe searching for pearly biters to gulp down in the hopes that any will grow from his bare gums.

A short ten-minute act suitable for all ages and events. Adaptable to any terrain, stage and technical set-up. Perfect for cabarets, roving, schools, libraries, or anywhere that cares for a dash of magic.

‘The Boy Who Ate Teeth’ was first commissioned by the Brisbane Festival in 2017 as a short outdoor act between mainstage performances. Every aspect of this work is handmade or sourced second hand by Anna Straker who also wrote and performs the work. With over four years of touring, this little suitcase, the boy and its Storyteller have accumulated many layers of dirt and experience, each performance more memorable than the last.

“As if Jim Henson, Roald Dahl and Tim Burton had a love child” – bewildered audience member.

Entertainment Type
  • Puppetry
  • Visual Theatre Performer
  • Stage show
  • Pop up performance
  • Roving
1 hour