Wizards from Oz

Wizards from Oz is an original work, co-produced & created by Wilde Applause & Dennehy Productions…

‘Wizards from Oz’ is an interdisciplinary work that draws upon the extensive skills base of its artists. The production includes solo and duo aerial acts, object manipulation/juggling, Butoh/Suzuki informed movement and dance pieces, duo and group acrobatics and tumbling and operatic voice.

This energetic and artful tale is filled with a series of classic Western Fairytale favourites, highly skilled circus acts and exquisite operatic vocals. Come and be amazed with Dorothy as each incredible act brings her ever closer to her Happily Ever After!

‘Wizards from Oz’ can be adapted to suit a wide variety of venues – both indoor and outdoor.

Workshops, Post Performance Talks & Demonstration:

  • We have a vast range of workshops available to clients who book this show
  • Encounter opera singers, theatre practitioners, musicians and Australia’s best circus performers in a post-performance Q+A
  • Singing, physical theatre, circus, music and acting skills workshops available to all
  • Artist In Residence programs with youth/emerging artists and other community groups are also available – culminating in a showcase performance if desired
  • Durations range from 15-minute post-show Q&A, or demonstration, through to 3-month residencies

Not sure if Wizards is right for your venue or event? Give us a call, we are always happy to discuss options.

Entertainment Type
  • Stilt Performance
  • Audience Engagement