Community Workshops

We hold workshops for community organisations, councils, venues, events, festivals & shopping centres…

  • Give your community an experience they will never forget
  • Increase Productivity and Creativity
  • Have Fun and Build Confidence
  • Encourage Positive Risk-Taking and Innovation

Perfect for general team building, social ice breakers for seminars, trade shows, promotions, product launches, end-of-year celebrations, and professional networking events. Effective, and highly enjoyable, these workshops have been tailored specifically towards professional clientele.

We tailor your workshop series uniquely to your needs in order to deliver incredible and tangible results – quickly, efficiently and enjoyably. Durations range from 1 hour to half/ full and multiple day or multi-week program.

Our master trainers use a consistent methodology to deliver phenomenal results to your team. We focus on physical and traditional theatre technique and circus training, whilst utilising elements of sports science and psychology to add depth to your program, and all this while you have fun!

The modern day, professional landscape is uniquely challenging and a versatile, well-bonded, team is best poised to capitalise on opportunities. Through a visceral and personal experience like our team-building workshops you and your team will develop an enhanced group cohesiveness. This has the effect of amplifying the strength of both individual and group work in the professional environment.

These workshops develop numerous skills and benefits for your staff:

  • Better teamwork and cohesion
  • Trust delegation
  • Break down barriers and promote interaction
  • Enhance problem-solving skills
  • Engage left and right brain
  • Physical and mental health benefits
  • Increased communication
  • Clear vision of end result or goal
  • Workplace culture change
  • Cohesive, functional, motivated and happy team
  • Tactics to avoid the spread of negativity
  • Personal self-worth and confidence
  • Fun – laughter is the best medicine!

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Workshops Include
  • Voice
  • Hula Hoop
  • Movement
  • Basic human balance/pyramids
  • Make your own juggling balls/hula hoops/giant bubbles
  • Juggling & object manipulation
  • Creating characters & role play
  • Puppetry/found-object puppetry
  • Clowning/comedy/slapstick
  • Mask work
  • Theatre games
  • Whip cracking
  • Join the circus for a day!
From $450 + GST

We recently had the pleasure of engaging Wilde Applause for a performance project where hospital staff were involved in learning circus and performance skills and rehearsing choreographed acts. The final performance was presented to 600 guests (surgeons and nurses) at their annual black tie ball. The participants ranged from nurses to surgeons and from hospital staff to managers. None of the participants had any experience in circus or performance but all were keen to “give it a go”. The Wilde Applause team took time to connect with every participant, readily identifying their strengths and understanding any concerns they may have. They are not only professional but thoughtful, intuitive and a lot of fun! What was the outcome of these workshops? 600 surgeons and nurses can’t be wrong… the accolades can still be heard from the hospital corridors!

Helen and Michael WhelanCode Blue for Autism

I just wanted to write and say thank you to Allie Wilde & Nick Cilento who visited our school yesterday. It was a wonderful workshop which they managed in an engaging and informative manner. Student feedback has been nothing but positive (which is rare for teenagers). They are buzzing with interesting ideas and concepts for their upcoming assessments and in some cases life courses. Please pass on my gratitude to the practitioners. I will definitely be requesting this workshop for future units.

SkyeDrama, Creative Arts and Humanities Teacher

Wilde Applause were fantastic, a real hit with the delegates! I would like to thank Nick and Allie for researching into our company and tailoring their work to the values of Club Assist. We could not have scripted anything close to what they created! Thanks again!

KarlaClub Assist